Norwegian fish grasp US market


Sale of Norwegian fish is taking the US market by storm and thus it registers a record seafood exports last year.  

There is no doubt that seafood of Norway has found a big market in US. Sales of Norwegian salmon to the US in particular have rocketed since the Chile salmon disease outbreak 18 months ago. In addition to this the oil spill in the Gulf also helps boost the sale of Norwegian seafood in US.

Now a foursome of Norwegian chefs, who call themselves The Flying Culinary Circus, remain loyal to their roots by using only Norwegian-imported seafood to create their culinary masterpieces are the latest hit across the Atlantic. This trend for Norwegian seafood is verified by the Norwegian Seafood Council’s Borge Gronbech, who says that fresh whole salmon and salmon filets are at Trond Svendgard, one of the fabled chefs in The Flying Culinary Circus, says that it is because “Norway has the coldest, clearest water in the world.”

The weather of Norway is perfect for harvesting seafood. With fishing in its culture for the past 6,000 years, Norwegians have learned how to take care of the coast and level of seafood. Gronbech added that Norway has a unique position with nearness to the resources, and relatively short distance to the markets.

It is found that Norwegian constantly and vigilantly focused on quality and food safety. The value of exported seafood from Norway in the first six months of this year reached NOK 24 billion kronas (around £2.4 billion sterling) , the highest export value ever for the period, according to the Export Council for Fish.


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