The Vietnam tuna export turnover increased

U.S. and Canada, two stable customers of Vietnam tuna maintained a positive growing rate in overall volume and value since 2009.

Besides the U.S. and Canada, tuna exported to Japan, Taiwan, Israel is also growing strongly.

Specifically, tuan export to Japan reached more than 10 million, up over 100%, reaching over 1 million Taiwan dollars, going up 200% in both volume and value.

However, in contrast to other markets, export tuna to the EU (Germany, Belgium, Italy, etc) during this time has reduced. Moreover, export of tuna is also constantly being devalued by the influence of regulations by the EC
The business processing and export Vietnam said tuna exports to the EU in the coming period will also face with many difficulties and challenges when the certificate of seafood exploitation (CC license) has become travel tickets needed to Vietnam tuna to “set foot” in the EU.

To enhance the competitiveness of tuna Vietnam, Vietnam Association of Fisheries is conducting an organzation to set up surveillance and protection of ocean tuna fishing.

Source: Vietnam Plus

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