Salmon Situation in Week 46

The Northeast whole fish market remains somewhat unsettled; both higher and lower offerings are noted on smaller to midsized fish. Demand is fair. The European whole fish market trended slightly higher on6-7 kg fish. Supplies are adequate to barely adequate for a moderate demand.

The Chilean fillet market adjusted higher on 2-3 and 3-4 pound fillets. Supplies are barely adequate for a moderate demand. 4-5lb fillets trended upward on the higher end of quotations and 1-2s are unchanged. Offerings do continue to vary from seller to seller with a few still higher and lower offerings noted. The Chilean frozen portion market is firm; supplies are barely adequate for a moderate to active demand. A few still higher offerings have been collected. The Chilean steelhead market remains steady at listed levels. The West Coast whole fish market is also steady at listed levels. Supplies are adequate for a moderate demand.

Source: Portunus USA.

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