Shrimp Situation in Week 46

White Shrimp: 31-35 and 36-40 count HLSO Latin American white shrimp are unsettled. Off erings are mixed for generally quiet demand prior to the US Thanksgiving holiday. Overseas off erings are also mixed. 41-50 count shrimp are about steady. Smaller count shrimp are full steady. Off erings of Mexican 26-30 count and larger shrimp are full steady to fi rm with some premiums noted. 16-20 and 21-25 count Asian whites are increasingly available from India.

Black Tiger Shrimp: The market is steady to full steady at listed levels.

Gulf Domestic Shrimp: The HLSO market was once again largely unchanged. The exceptions were premiums in the U12 and U15 counts, both brown and white; and 21/25 count HLSO white shrimp. The balance of the market is full steady at listed levels. Supplies are held with confi dence given the increasingly limited supply situation that exists. PUD’s were steady with one exception; 41-50 count managed a small premium.

Source: Portunus USA.

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