An Giang mass produce pangasius seed under GlobalGAP

With the aim at meeting 100 percent demand on pangasius seed for fish farmers in the province and other provinces, provincial Aquatic Breeding Production Center and Sub-Department of Aquaculture carried out the project “Generalizing pangasius seed production under GlobalGAP in the period of 2011 – 2015”. The fund for the project is over VND3.957 billion. 10 pangasius hatcheries will be set up in compliance with GlobalGAP standards. The project focuses on distributing 10,000 broodstocks with commercial name of Pangi and genetic selection for good growth; 20,000 broodstocks with high traceability and disease resistance through prestigious seed suppliers in the province. In 2011, An Giang Aquatic Breeding Production Center supplied 3,371 broodstocks at the average weight of 1.2 kilogram per piece to 2 fry nursing facilities of the province. In January 2012, the Center will continue to supply further 20,000 high quality broodstocks to nursing facilities and guide 3 fry facilities to perform under GlobalGAP. The project transferred “Technology of artificial reproducing and breeding of pangasius seed under GlobalGAP” for GODACO company (Tien Giang province) and guided building commercial pangasius farms in compliance with GlobalGAP for Thuan An Trade And Production Co.,Ltd. – (An Giang). An Giang and Mekong River Delta provinces are giving high priority to developing pangasius farming. Apart from rice, pangasius is the key product of An Giang. It is very crucial for the province to invest in fish seed production under GlobalGAP to meet the high quality seed demand of fish producers which operate towards close model (from fish farming to exporting).

Source: Vasep

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