Thailand’s shrimp export volume down 40,329 MT

At the beginning of 2011, a severe flood happened in southern Thailand (the main shrimp farming area of the country) leading to lower shrimp production of 10 percent. Some months later, Thailand continued to be hit by record flooding happening from the late July 2011 and lasting many months after that. Although this is not shrimp farming area but transportation and logistics services were badly affected. According to statistics of Thailand Customs, in 2011, shrimp exports in all varieties of the country reached over 382,055 MT, worth THB107,978 million (US$3.23 billion), reducing by 40,329 MT on that of 2010 but the export value was up 7.6 percent. In 2011, Thailand shrimp exports to the U.S. (the largest importer) also witnessed a decrease. The statistics of the U.S. Customs indicated that Thailand shrimp imports into the U.S. in 2011 achieved 185,132 MT, down 8.3 percent on that of 2010. In the structure of Thailand shrimp exports, raw shrimp (HS 0306 code) and processed shrimp (HS 1605 code) have an equal proportion. In 2011, raw shrimp shipment of Thailand reached 191,267 MT, valued at THB50,180 million (US$1.5 billion) while processed shrimp exports reached 190,788 MT, worth THB57,797 million (US$1.73 billion). At the early 2012, it is forecasted that Thailand shrimp exports this year is positive in spite of concern on epidemic outbreak after floods and trade barriers of the world markets.

Source: Vasep

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