Shrimp exports to Japan surged

Vietnam shrimp exports to Japan in the first 6 months of 2012 recorded high growth, except for January when shrimp exports to the market fell. In Feb, the growth was 50.4 percent, Mar with 50.4 percent, Apr with 31.1 percent, May with 52.5 percent and Jun with 23.7 percent. Out of 4 leading importers of Vietnam shrimp, only Japan can remain high advance in Vietnam shrimp imports through Jun 2012. In the wake of instable shrimp demand in the U.S., EU or China, particularly the U.S., Japan is considered as a stable importing market of shrimp. However, Japan strengthened imposing technical barriers on Vietnam shrimp exports while India increased rapidly its market share of shrimp exports in Japanese market in 2011 and the first 5 months of this year which are posing big obstacles for Vietnam exports to the market in 2012.

Source: Vasep

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