The advantage of exporting pangasius due to the weather

The below article is provided by the Saigon Times – their English is a little tricky, but the information is valuable:

Exporting pangasius of Vietnam from beginning of year till now is in advantage because the winter’s climate in Europe is severe this year and the regulation of access the fishing seafood’s origin in this market, it makes the source of supply reduce strongly

Mr. Duong Ngoc Minh, head of management board for exporting pangasius to Russia, said that exporting pangasius of Vietnam is now in advantageous condition, more orders, the export price’s increase pushed the pangasius’ price in January 1.000 VND/kg in addition compared to the December of last year

The unusually severe and long winter in Europe made the fishing seafood be fewer, and the problem that EU gave the regulation of accessing origin of fishing seafood importing to this market from the beginning of this year made the source of supply of fishing seafood in EU reduce strongly

“This is the chance for raising seafood as Vietnam pangasius or Norway salmon”. He said and added, the present severe winter in China also makes the raising Tilapia’s source of supply in this country reduce strongly in the international market

Additionally, because the economic has lasted for 2 year, 2008 and 2009, importers have reduced buying output and now, the fishes in stock of importers was empty, so it is necessary to buy for their market in 2010

Exporting pangasius of Vietnam last year got 1.34 billion USD, reduced 7.6% compared to 1.45 billion USD of 2008 due to global financial crisis

Source: Saigon Times Online

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