Chile – Projected increase in salmon production for 2011

Numerous important companies related to salmon farming in the country, have planned to increase production by 20 per cent for next year, leaving behind the crisis caused by the infectious salmon anemia (ISA) virus.

So far, AquaChile ranks first, with an estimated production of 50,000 tonnes for 2010 and 60,000 tonnes for 2011. Compared to 2006, when the firm produced 100,000 tonnes of salmon.

Ranked further behind is Mainstream Chile, with 34,900 tonnes of projected salmon production for 2010 (7,500 tonnes of Atlantic salmon, 15,400 tonnes of coho and 12,000 tonnes of trout), with production set to increase to 44,500 tonnes next year, according to Estrategia.

Meanwhile, Norwegian company Marine Harvest expects to produce around 9,000 tonnes of salmon this year, but aims to triple this figure by 2012, with around 28,000 tonnes.

For its part, Camanchaca S.A. plans to open up to 25 per cent of its stock ownership in order to increase production of salmon.

Invertec Pesquera Mar de Chiloé (Invermar) expects to close 2010 with a total production of 11,000 tonnes, and duplicate it in 2011 with 23,000 tonnes. By 2016, its goal is to exceed 40,000 tonnes.

Multiexport Foods have projected their production at 14,000 tonnes of Atlantic salmon and 13,000 tonnes of trout this year.

Pesquera Itata S.A. expects to end 2010 with 13,000 tonnes of Atlantic salmon and 1,000 tonnes of trout. In 2011 they foresee a decrease in salmon at 11,000 tonnes, but a three-fold increase in trout by producing 3,000 tonnes of the species, and from 2012 onwards, they expect total production to reach 25,000 tonnes.

Granja Marina Tornagaleones plans to produce 13,000 tonnes of salmon this year and almost double it by next year to 23,000 tonnes, whilst the plan for Cultivos Yadrán for 2010 is to cultivate some 2,000 tonnes, and in 2020 around 27,000 tonnes.

Finally, Pesquera El Golfo expects to produce roughly 20,000 tonnes of salmon, 14,000 tonnes of trout and 6,500 tonnes of Atlantic salmon by 2012.

In July, the president of the Association of the Chilean Salmon Industry A.G. (SalmonChile), Cesar Barros, said that there was a strong consensus among members of the salmon industry with regards to the recovery of the sector.

Many believed that the salmon industry will recover in about five years after the crisis faced by the appearance of the ISA outbreaks in 2007.

“That is the estimated date. Which is the consensual view on the industry, but it also depends on how new each company is, as there are some that will recover earlier than others,” Barros said.

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