U.S. establishes itself as the largest importer of ‘nontraditional’ fish

Between January and July of 2010, exports of non-traditional fish amounted to USD 381.4 million, a figure which represents an increase of 20 per cent compared to the same period last year, when they totaled USD 318.5 million, according to the Association of Exporters (ADEX).

The Largest importer of non-traditional fish was the United States, with purchases worth USD 73.8 million, up 25 per cent over the first seven months of 2009 (USD 59 million).

In Second place was Spain, which accounted for USD 69.7 million of imports, a 56 per cent increase compared to January and July of last year. In third came China, buying a total of USD 58.2 million, reflecting an increase of 79 per cent over 2009 (USD 32.5 million).

According to a report by ADEX, France was ranked as the fourth largest importer of shellfish, fish, crustaceans and other marine products, with purchases worth USD 30.3 million, up 53 per cent over the first seven months of 2009 (USD 19.8 million).

Other destinations for Peruvian exports of non-traditional fish were South Korea, Japan, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands and Taiwan.

One of the largest exports were molluscs, with shipments worth USD 215.6 million.

ADEX specified that the major exporting companies in the sector between January and July 2010, were Seafrost (USD 24.9 million), Corporación Refrigerados INY (USD 21.7 million), Pacific Freezing Company (USD 15.8 million), Productora Andina de Congelados (USD 15.5 million) and Pesquera Hayduk (USD 15.2 million).

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