Vietnam seafood production and export in February 2011

In February, 2011, Vietnam seafood production was expected to reach 355,400 MT, up 2.4 percent in comparison with the same period last year. In which shrimp volume was 27,200 MT, up 6.3 percent. This boosted total seafood volume of the country in first 2 months to 711,800 MT, up 2.4 percent against the same period last year.
However, due to forecast on shortage of food and growing demand, most agricultural products recorded a rise in both export price and value. Therefore, exports are predicted to boost to US$3.6 billion, increasing 50.7 percent in comparison with the same period a year ago.

Seafood exports in February surged to US$ 258 million, up 13 percent over the same period of 2010, bringing the total seafood export value to US$692 million in first two months of 2011, up 28 percent compared with 2010. But that could not encourage seafood enterprises due to scarcity of raw materials causing high price and rising input cost

Source: VASEP

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