Tuna exportation in July 2011 to slowly increase

Tuna is one of Viet Nam main export seafood items counting for 7.4% of total national aquatic product export turnover. Tuna material is in serious scarcity due to the unstable situation of East Sea recent time which partly impact on the number of the catching boats- the official catching force. Additionally, the cost for the catching activities such as oil/gasoline, food and other tools, etc. is continuously going up. Consequently, there are more and more boats stop catching.

The local material is in shortage while the demand for the export is up. To solve the problem, then, most factories have to import the material t maintain their operation and the jobs for their staff.

The importation tax for tuna material varies 12-18% troubling to all Vietnamese tuna exporters because Vietnamese’s tuna competitors in Philippines, Thailand and Taiwan only get 0-0.5%.

Source: Vinanet

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