70% of small Pangasius plants will close !

The reasons for this situation are high tide flood, polluted water spreading into the ponds. These factors caused the serious shortage supply.

More than half a month, the Pangasius raising in Dong Thap and An giang, where account for 60% total volume of Pangasisu in Mekong, has been postponed due to the serious flood. The high tide flood brings both fertilizer and the pollutions into the ponds keeping the farmers from feeding the fish. The fish is often in starving and slower grows than normal, therefore, the supply becomes seriously short.

Mr. Duong Ngoc minh, VP of VASEP, reveals that since the beginning of October until now, Pangasius price increases 5,000 dong to 27,500 dong/kg for size 800gr/fish but there is not available sources. That the dramatic increasing of live fish price makes many exporters get loss. At the moment, the exporters are delivering for the contracts signed in quarter 3/2011 at the level below 3.00 USD/kg for fillets while the production cost is at least 3.2 USD/kg if they buy the material at the current price. There are 70% out of 100 small plants closing and their workers are unemployed. The plants with their own farms also decrease 50% capacity.

If the flood is irrigated quickly then at least by the early of next year the fingerlings are available, so, the material scarcity is still lasting until the middle of next year, said Mr. Duong Ngoc Minh.

Source: vietnam news

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