Increasing export pangasius price

In the first four months of this year, the average price of pangasius exported to markets has been increasing in comparison with the same period of last year. Pangasius exported to Switzerland gained the highest price with US$4.43 per kilogram, followed by Japan with US$4.25 per kilogram. The fish price paid by importers in twenty other countries such as South Korea, the US was at US$3 – 3.97 per kilogram.

There is a fact that raw pangasius production is only enough for local processing factories, not redundant for inventories. This led to rocketed raw pangasiusprice, which was even higher than that of finished products. Many local processors felt in difficulties in raw pangasius purchasing. Their pangasius products exported to some markets were at under US$3 per kilogram while raw fish was at VND28,000 – 29,000 per kilogram.

Besides, US market is a major factor in pushing higher raw pangasius price during last four months. Its domestic catfish supply decreased sharply, forcing US importers to seek pangasius as an alternative source. Positive progress in the 6th review of antidumping duty for Vietnam pangasius made contribution to increase pangasius export to the US.

Pangasius exports to EU in the first four months of 2011 reached 65,609 MT, worth US$170.8 million. These figures are down 9.4 percent in volume and up 1.6 percent in value on those reported in the same period of 2010. Spain is the top pangasius importer in EU with the volume of 12,501 MT and Netherland showed the highest import value with US$32.87 million. Exports to Poland during last four months reached 6,633 MT, worth US$14.03 million, down 20.9% in volume and 8.1 percent in value compared to a year ago.

16,896 MT of pangasius exported to ASEAN, valued at US$36.9 million, up 34 percent in volume and 56.9 percent in value. In which, Singapore is the most important importer with the strong growth in both volume and value, respectively 28.9 percent and 51.7 percent.

Total exports of Vietnam pangasius during the first four months of this year reached 208,445 MT, worth US$521.3 million. These figures are up 5.6 percent in volume and 23 percent in value on those reported in last year.

Source: pangasius-vietnam

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