Farming sturgeon on large scale in Vietnam

The Viet Nam Sturgeon Corporation put one Russian sturgeon farm into operation in Dak Lak province’s Lak District on 12th November 2011. With a capital investment of around VND1 trillion, the farm can breed more than one million juveniles and is considered as the largest-scale farm in the world. In the first phase, the farm will stock only 40,000 commercial fish to harvest sturgeon eggs and sturgeon meat and then the farm will increase to 1 million fish.

In the next two years, the Viet Nam Sturgeon Corporation is going to add to 5-10 new sturgeon farms with the same scale in Dak Lak province. These farms are expected to produce 1,000 MT of sturgeon eggs per year.

The wholesale price of sturgeon is US$8,000-12,000 per MT, the price of exported sturgeon eggs is US$1,000-6,000 per kilogram. Breeding sturgeon on a large scale will fetch Viet Nam high economic benefits and create jobs for local people. Dak Lak province owns almost 37,000 hectares of water surface which has huge potential in aquaculture, especially farming aquatic specialities. This is the corporation’s fifth farm. Four other farms are in the provinces of Binh Thuan, Lam Dong, Binh Dinh and Bac Giang.

Source: VASEP

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