Vietnam to shore up Bangladesh fisheries sector in effort to overcome US anti-dumping

Vietnam has proposed to undertake joint venture and technical cooperation with Bangladesh in the field of fisheries in a bid to grab US market as its fish export to Washington is subject to payment of high duties, officials said Thursday. The Southeast Asian nation wants to develop fisheries sector of Bangladesh through technology transfer and joint fisheries resources and aquaculture management, they added.Vietnam is facing the United Sates in the World Trade Organisation (WTO) in several anti-dumping cases including frozen and canned shrimp and other fishes. An eight-member Vietnamese delegation led by its deputy minister for Agriculture and Rural Development Vu Van Tam will visit Dhaka on October 23-26 aiming to strengthen the cooperation between the two countries in the fields of agriculture, fisheries and livestock. During its visit the delegation will have meeting with the officials of ministry of fisheries on bilateral cooperation in the field of fisheries management and aquaculture. The delegation will also meet with the officials of the ministry of agriculture seeking cooperation on agriculture and rural development. The delegation is also scheduled to visit the Department of Agriculture Marketing for details on cooperation on agro, fisheries products marketing and market development. They will also visit aquaculture site and fish processing factories. Vietnam also signed memorandum of understandings (MoUs) for cooperation with both the countries to help develop the seafood industry. Sources said Vietnam wants to work with Bangladesh for development of new supply sources, cooperation in the sharing of data and information about the fish industry.A senior official of the government told the FE that being hit hard by the US anti-dumping duties in fisheries sector Vietnam wants to grab US market through other countries. “Many least developed countries are exporting fish and fish products to the US market without any obstacles or additional duties rather those are enjoying tariff preferences. Vietnam wants to take the benefit,” the official said seeking anonymity. He said Vietnam has employed a Hong Kong based lobbyist firm whose partner Andrew B. Schroth is coordinating the tour of Vietnamese government delegation to Dhaka. The lobbyist firm has also invited several Bangladeshi fish companies to meet with the Vietnamese sea food companies for cooperation during the visit.In November, 2004, the US Department of Commerce (DoC) announced its final decision, saying that Vietnam and China dumped frozen and canned shrimp on the US market. The DoC separated Vietnam and China from other shrimp exporters and classified the two countries as non-market economies following which Vietnam’s shrimp exporters are paying duties ranging from 4.13 per cent to 25.76 per cent.

Source: Seafood

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