Shortage of Tuna raw material

In recent time, tuna exporters’ operation was unfavorable with low profit. In many current difficulties such as capital shortage, higher input cost, increased ocean freight cost, the lack of raw material is the most concern of local tuna processors. Many of them are not able to meet the demand of foreign customers due to lack of raw tuna for processing. Processors sought to import raw tuna to keep their operation and to ensure jobs and stable income for labours. Some imported up to 80 percent of raw tuna from foreign countries for processing and exporting. Although raw tuna import price from foreign suppliers is 5 – 10 percent higher than that from domestic tuna price, the solution helps enterprises partly hold initiative in processing, remain their customers and importing markets. However, this is not a long-term solution because raw tuna import requires a large capital for building a cold storage to reserve and preserve. Besides, raw tuna importers encounter barriers in administrative procedures and restrictive policy on raw tuna export of some main suppliers. Current import duty policy not favorable for tuna importers is also an obstacle. Higher testing fee and ocean freight are reducing Vietnam tuna’s competitiveness against its regional competitors. To ease concern of raw tuna shortage, tuna processors need to tighten the link with fishermen to ensure stable raw fish supply. Competent authorities should support for fishermen through supplying necessary information such as evaluation of tuna fishing grounds, instruction of rational catching to preserve tuna stocks and promote cooperation in expanding tuna fishing ground. In long-term, the government should develop modern fishing fleets with high capacity and raise fishermen’s fishing technique. In the first five months of 2012, Vietnam tuna exports achieved US$228 million, up 28.9 percent over 2011 in which exports of raw tuna (HS 03 code) reached US$151.8 million, accounting for almost 70 percent of total tuna exports and representing a 19.5 percent growth against 2011. Exports of processed tuna (HS 16 code) touched US$76.2 million, making up a small market share in the structure of tuna products exported to markets but marking a sharp growth of 52.7 percent in its export value over that of Jan-May 2011.

Source: Vasep.

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