Tuna exports was the mainstay of seafood exports in Jan-Oct 2012

In the first month of 2012, Vietnam tuna exports had sign of decrease. However, between February to October 2012, tuna shipment kept double digit growth from 22.1 – 53.3 percent. In the last months of the year, the growth of tuna exports is stronger and stronger than that of the same period of 2011. Tuna sales abroad to 10 main markets reported a recovery compared to the same period of 2011. Among exported tuna products, raw tuna took the highest proportion. The export value of dried/frozen/ live/fresh tuna products to the U.S., Germany, Italy and Mexico which belonged to top 10 largest importers of Vietnam tuna posted a sharp decline. However, shipment of these products to South Korea, Spain and Tunisia witnessed an impressive growth of 79,866 percent; 1,865 percent and 828 percent, respectively. The export value of canned/ processed tuna reported the highest growth and tend to show increasingly higher growth in the last months of the year. In the period between January and October 2012, the export value of meat/fillet tuna hit US$166.271 million, up 134.48 percent over that of the same period of 2011. The U.S. and Italy were still two largest importers of these products with the proportion of 43.07 percent and 12.15 percent in turn. Spain surpassed Belgium as the third largest importers with the proportion of 5.7 percent. Israel was put into top 5 largest importers of these products from Vietnam with import value of US$6.281 million. This year, the U.S. and Germany still reported the highest import value of canned tuna originated from Vietnam. Tunisia replaced the Switzerland to rank the third position. With the higher growth in imports of these products from Vietnam over 2011, Canada, Libya and Sudan upgraded to be in the list of 10 largest importers. It is scheduled that tuna demand in many markets will be still positive and Vietnam tuna exports will continue to increase till the end of the year. Total export turnover of tuna in 2012 is expected to reach US$600 million, up 57 percent compared to the same period of last year. Potential markets (South Korea, Mexico and Tunisia)

Source: VASEP

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