Blue Shark

PC057blahafurOrigin – New Zealand, Chile

  • Presentation – Fresh, Dried, Salted, Frozen

Fisheries and habitat

Blue Sharks are Oceanic, but may be found close inshore where the continental shelf is narrow. Usually found to at least 150 m. Reported from estuaries. Epipelagic, occasionally occurs in littoral areas. Feeds on fishes (herring, silver hake, white hake, red hake, cod, haddock, pollock, mackerel, butterfish, sea raven and flounders), small sharks, squids, pelagic red crabs, cetacean carrion, occasional sea birds and garbage. Viviparous. Sexual dimorphism occurs in skin thickness of maturing and adult females. May travel considerable distances (one specimen tagged in New Zealand was recaptured 1,200 km off the coast of Chile). Potentially dangerous to humans.

Use as food

Marketed fresh, dried or salted, and frozen; meat utilized for consumption, hides for leather and fins for soup.