Swai / Pangasius

A Great Choice for a Healthy Diet and a Discriminating Chef.

Swai is the perfect combination for today’s consumer: large white fillets with no bones, a light firm texture, and a mild flavor  that lends itself to virtually any style of cuisine. As our flavor options and health awareness have increased, Swai has grown in recognition and popularity to become a new entry on the National Fisheries Institute Top Ten List of America’s Favorite Seafood Products. Portunus Swai fillets are rigorously monitored for texture, color and shape to ensure consumer satisfaction all the way to the table. The proof is in that first bite


Latin Name: Pangasius Hypophthalmus
Common Name: Swai
Market names: Basa, Tra, Sutchi, Creamy Dory
Country of Origin: Vietnam
Availability: Year Round

Economical. Swai are very fast growing fish, so the cost of raising them is far less than for many other farmed species. Fully grown, Swai are easily harvested, and our farm is located close to our processing facility so the costs of transportation are dramatically reduced

Healthy. Like most fish, Swai is a good protein source that is low in fat, and a rich source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids. Nutrition scientists recommend a diet including fish at least twice a week. Swai from Portunus fulfills that need with no added water or preservative

Safe.The Mekong River is fed largely by pure snowmelt from the Himalayas and consistently exceeds international  standards for heavy metal residue because there is limited industrial development in the region. Our Swai farming takes place in dedicated ponds off the river, meeting SQF1000 standards for stringent hygiene and safety. And of course our Swai fillet shipments just keep passing all the tests and inspections required for entry into the highly regulated and fastidious Western markets

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